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Air Purifying Houseplants

Our air purifying houseplants – a healthy approach.

Indoor air pollution

Air Purifying Houseplants blog - Clarenbridge Online Garden Store Ireland Living in an energy efficient, modern building can have unintended side effects.

One of these side effects is less air flow. Lack of air flow allows for indoor air pollution to build up and cause health issues like asthma or sick building syndrome.

In fact, modern furnishings, synthetic building materials, and even your own carpet may carry more chemicals than expected.

These chemicals can make up to 90 percent of indoor air pollution. Outdoor air contaminants can also find their way inside, such as pollen, bacteria and moulds.



So how do air purifying houseplants manage this neat trick?

Well, as plants absorb carbon dioxide they also take in toxic particles from the air.

During photosynthesis they transform these toxins into lovely, pure oxygen which they then release into their environment.

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