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Bottlebrush Plants – Callistemons

Bottlebrush Plants – Callistemons

Callistemon Red Bottle Brush Bottlebrush plants Shrubs Ireland - clarenbridge online garden centre
Red Bottlebrush plant

Bottlebrush plants or Callistemonsor  have been referred to as bottlebrushes because of their cylindrical, brush like flowers resembling a traditional bottle brush.

Bottlebrush plants are mostly found in the more temperate regions of Australia, especially along the east coast. They typically favour moist conditions so when planted in gardens thrive on regular watering.

At least some species are drought-resistant and some are used in ornamental landscaping elsewhere in the world.





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They need a sunny, sheltered position away from cold winds, a south or south west facing wall being ideal.

These shrubs are normally hardy around coastal and southern regions. If you can’t grow them outdoors, they also make striking cool conservatory and greenhouse plants in borders or containers

Outdoors, Bottlebrush look more comfortable in shrubs or mixed borders. They are at home if associated with Mediterranean plants including salvias, hebes, and rosemary.

They also look good with flamboyant woody plants such as yucca, palms and tetrapanax.


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