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Environmental Friendly Products

Environmental Friendly Products Review


Our environmental friendly products have received favourable feedback – see below.

We appreciate the positive feedback to our environmental friendly and ethical garden treatments.

Thank you to Fast Grow Fertilisers

For those who may not be able to read he post, here is what Fast Grow Fertilisers said:

“Here’s one for you on a notice board in Clarenbridge Garden Centre which is a beautiful bijou garden centre in Co. Galway. It’s actually the first garden centre I’ve seen this sentiment in, so they should be applauded for that. The sign sayst is all really. Chemicals are bad. Natural is good. 

So, the moral is, for the benefit of picture number 3, ya gotta use more of picture no 4. 

Like the sign says folks ‘Adopt a change’ Simples!!” 


Fast Grow Fertilisers - Review of Environmental Friendly Products at Clarenbridge Online Garden Centre Ireland - June 2018


We are delighted to introduce our own brand natural garden care range to our customers.

The Natural Garden & Pond Care line of products from Clarenbridge Garden Centre is safe and efficient!

These products are made with natural ingredients, ensuring high performance while being eco-friendly.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact us on 091 776492.


We have a number of departments for you to visit both instore and online.

Firstly, browse our collection of Trees & Hedges and Shrubs.

For something different, why not visit our Rare & Unusal Tree Dept.

Our other departments include Unusual Plants, Roses, Indoor Plants, Home Decor, Front Door Ideas, Climbing Plants, Pond Plants, Edible Garden, Garden Furniture, Garden Decor, Garden Care and Garden Tools

Still can’t find what you want, drop us an email at info@clarenbridgegardencentre.ie or call us in our garden centre on (091) 776492 and we will be happy to help you.

Remember we deliver across Ireland and Northern Ireland.


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