Caring for Indoor Plants When the temperature drops outside.

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Caring for Indoor Plants When the temperature drops outside.

It may be snowing outside, and spring may seem like a thousand years away, so indoor plants give us a much-needed boost! Despite living indoors, our house plants react to the weather too…

Here is some advice to make sure your house plants remain at their best in the chilly weather.


  • Remember – most of our houseplants originated from tropical habitats, and, as a general rule, you should keep the plants somewhere between 15-30 degrees Celsius. A little bit of easy research (yes – Google!), on individual plants, will keep you informed on their individual needs. Remember though, that even if you have the thermostat set for a specific temperature – a draft can adversely affect your plants, so keep them away from doors and windows that may be open.

Caring for Indoor Plants When the temperature drops outside.

  • Indoor plants tend to require less water in winter. A common mistake to make is to over-water your plants. Some plants need to dry out completely before being watered. If this is the case, you should press down into the soil and make sure there’s no hidden moisture in its depths before you reach for the watering can.  If you do have a plants that benefit from more watering, you should monitor for the humidity levels in your home. When we turn the heating on, it saps the moisture from the air, which may lead to your plant drying out. An occasional water misting over the foliage won’t go amiss.

  • Sunlight is an essential part of your plant’s diet. Make sure it gets to get it’s face in the sun when possible. Have a wander round your home and find the best of the winter sun sun-spots. If your plant’s leaves look a bit dusty, give them a wipe – it will help them absorb the light more efficiently.

  • Your plants will really appreciate the extra care you are giving them. If you are very lucky – you might even catch them smiling in the sun…

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