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The Perfect Winter Shrub

Perfect Winter Shrub - Daphne Jacqueline PostillThe perfect Winter Shrub is the Daphne bholua Jacqueline Postill  because during the coldest months of the year it will be covered in fabulous blossoms. It is an upright growing evergreen shrub with leathery mid-green oval leaves, and can eventually grow to around 4 meters in height, and 1.5 meters in spread. It is rather slow growing, and therefore makes an ideal shrub for smaller gardens.

The blossoms appear in clusters and take on a raspberry shade in bud, opening to soft pink. During mild winters it can start blooming before Christmas. However,  late winter is more normal in northern gardens and flowers are followed by black berries.

It will thrive in a bright position on well drained soil. Plant this very pretty, and highly fragrant shrub in a winter border next to a path. Alternatively you can plant it in a large container on the patio near the back door where you’ll be able to enjoy its lovely perfume. The fragrance is powerful, sweet and clove like, even on cold days.

daphne jacqueline postill - shrubs ireland - clarenbrige online garden centreDaphnes – in their original habitat, grow at altitudes of 1,700–3,500 m (5,577–11,483 ft) in the Himalayas and neighbouring mountain ranges, from Nepal to southern China., it is extremely hardy so there is no need to worry about cold temperatures.

The propagator Alan Postill at Hilliers Nurseries raised the shrub, and named it after his wife.

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Daphne Jacqueline Postill

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