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Bare Root planting guide

Bare Root Planting Guide

Our Bare Root Planting guide will show you how best to plant your new bare root trees and hedges.

  • Planting is best done between October and April. Avoid planting in waterlogged, or frozen.


  • When you receive your plants please make sure that the roots do not dry out, as once dry, they could struggle or even fail.
  • We advise that when you unpack your plants, put them in a bucket of water for up to half an hour – they will really appreciate a good drink!
  • Until planting, store the trees/hedging plants in their bags in a cool place out of the sun and out of the wind.

Planting your bare root tree.Bare root Trees and Hedging Plants’ A Quick Guide to Successful Planting. 1

  • Prepare a hole approximately 60-90cm (3-3ft) in diameter or square, and 30cm (1ft) deep.
  • Break up any soil at the bottom, and place tree in hole so that bottom of the trunk sits at the same as the surrounding ground.
  • Back fill the hole with a mix of garden soil and multipurpose compost. At this stage, bang the tree stake into the ground off centre, pointing in the direction of prevailing winds.
  • When the tree is planted, the surrounding soil should be at the level of, or slightly lower than the base of trunk. Planting too shallow is not serious, but is preferable to planting too deep.
  • Use a tree tie to attach the tree to the stake which will help hold it in place. The tie should be low down – we suggest it should be 30-45cms above soil level.
  • After you have done this, firm in the soil around the tree and stake.
  • Aftercare – This is simple. Keep the weeds away and make sure the roots have enough water.

Planting your bare root hedge.Bare root Trees and Hedging Plants’ A Quick Guide to Successful Planting.2

  • Before planting, prepare the site by digging over the ground 30cm (1ft) either side of the hedge line. Also, remove weeds and add bonemeal to promote root growth, as you go.
  • Cut a V-shaped trench as deep as the plant roots. You can ensure it’s straight by using a taut line.
  • Lightly prune the roots of the bare-root plants with secateurs to encourage vigorous new growth.
  • Insert plants into the trench at 30-40cm (1-1½ ft) spacings – this is suitable for most hedging plants.
  • Ensure plants are at the same depth they were previously and tread soil in around their roots.
  • Finally – give your new hedge a good watering.
  • A good tip is to buy around half a dozen extra hedging plants. Plant them somewhere they will be out of the way, and if any plants in your hedge fails, you can dig these up, and plant them in the hedge line. They will be the same height as the rest of the hedge.

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