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Orchids – beautiful Indoor Plants

Orchids –  a great Indoor Plant choice

I don’t know about you ladies and gents, but I am really big into developing my living space, both outdoor and indoor.

It is no secret that surrounding ourselves with plants and arranging our usable spaces to our specific tastes makes us happier and healthier. Not to mention that our mental state is more balanced. For me, plants are an unbreakable part of my home. I do try to choose wisely, especially now, when indoor space is more limited.

One thing I always think of is the extra benefits of owning each individual plant.  Today I would like to talk about just one indoor plant, very common, known by all, and yet a lot of our customers tell me they either killed it, gave it away or decided against it due to complicated care routines.

That plant in question is a Phalaenopsis widely known as an Orchid.

The orchid is one of the easiest indoor plants with a big number of benefits. The name Phalaenopsis comes from Ancient Greek and translates roughly into “looking like a moth”. If you look closely, the shape of its blooms is very similar to a moth or a small butterfly.

Orchids are creatures accustomed to warmth and humidity, you can find them growing wild in Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sumatra and other tropical places. However, Orchids have adapted to the slightly colder and drier climate of our European homes. They will grow happily in pots in any home that has heating in the winter.

If you are thinking of starting your own Orchid adventure, here are the tips to a healthy, happy and so very colourful plant.

(1) Natural Habitat

Orchids 2 - Garden Blog - Indoor Plants - Clarenbridge Online Garden Store IrelandIt is important to think of how Orchids grow in their natural habitat.

Usually, they wrap their long roots around tree branches which allows them access to indirect sunlight shining through the canopies above. It also makes it perfect for absorbing water.

So to imitate this in your own home I would advise you to invest in a clear plastic or glass pot.

They are available in garden centres, sometimes supermarkets but you can also improvise with a “hurricane candle” holder or an old crystal heirloom.


(2) Compost

Orchids 3 - Garden Blog - Indoor Plants - Clarenbridge Online Garden Store IrelandSpecific compost is an absolute must. It looks like big pieces of dry bark, and is essential, as they do not cover the roots fully in your pot.

Be generous and fill up your pot when replanting your Orchid, this way it will hold more moisture inside the pot.

It is always a good idea to get a little mister, this will allow you to keep the leaves in good nick and also spread feed evenly.

(3) Food

Orchids 4 - Garden Blog - Indoor Plants - Clarenbridge Online Garden Store IrelandOrchid food. I always use Baby Bio pink bottle but feel free to experiment, there is plenty of choices. If your pot has drainage on the bottom  submerge the whole plant in water once a week for a few hours. Then drain it and put it back on the shelf.

If, like me, you have glass pots with no holes adjust your watering to small amounts but twice weekly in the summertime.

The rule is not to let the roots dry out, these plants are supposed to be fleshy and silvery green at all times.


(4) Location

Lastly, choose a spot in your house that is bright, but has no direct sunlight, as this will burn the leaves.

That is it. Very, very simple.

We all know how beautiful those plants are in our homes. I think it is a sin not to be growing at least one orchid.

Apart from its great looks, Phalaenopsis has another card up its sleeve. It purifies the air, and this is a real bonus, especially if you have respiratory problems.

All there is left for you now is to choose the colour of your new indoor delight. And this I shall not advise on at all, because for one- I am biased, as they are one of my favourites, and I do have a collection, and two- because it is a matter of taste. And the individual taste is a thing we do not talk about after all.


Thank you,

Magda O’ Byrne

Ps. If you ever have doubts or questions, pop into us in the garden centre or give us a call on (091) 776492 and we will be happy to advise you. Also, you can email us at info@clarenbridgegardencentre.ie if you have any queries.


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