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Plants for Autumn Colour

Plants for Autumn Colour

It feels to me like the rain is never going to stop now, even though we only had if for a short spell, I still feel I can moan about it. Quite frankly, I think it should rain at night and be warm and sunny during the day. It is September and we are due our “Indian Summer” still! But with September already here, a lot of the colour is going or gone and I am not ready to let go just yet.

Late Bloomers…

So here are a few more of my late bloomers; some pictures of plants for Autumn colour taken in the centre this week, so when I say they really are out in force, I am not making this up. And a little treat of white with dark green mix, something that has warmed it’s way up to my heart and now I think of it as an elegant mix perfect for any situation in the garden.

First choice – Verbana Bonariensis

Blue with blue and a little more blue was my first choice.

All three perennials, all three great for pollinators, all three ideal plants for Autumn colour for your garden.

Verbena bonariensis. A very hardy perennial, preferably grown in full sun, but even semi shade will be ok for her. Good by the sea, great as a structural plant in your border. There really is nothing there to fault her. As long as one remembers that she is quite stemy, so plant few of them together for best effect.

Second choice – Agatache Blue Fountain

We have paired her with one of my new obsessions: Agastache Blue Fountain. This is a very tall and hardy perennial with the most delicate lavender shade, long and furry blooms. It is another bee and butterfly magnet that will go on flowering for another few weeks. It will benefit from light dead heading of the top flower heads to continue on with its colour.

Third choice – Stokesia Mel’s Blue

StokesAster 250 plants for late colour - Autumn plants -Clarenbridge Online Garden Centre IrelandStokesia Mel’s Blue is my third choice for an all blue border.

It is semi evergreen, not as tall as its companions, so front of space for this lady.

Huge blue flowers resembling giant daisies will keep coming well into autumn, providing some dead heading is done occasionally.

This plant is a feature all in itself, but mixed with the other two will create a finished and beautiful look within your garden with not too much hassle and effort.

Fourth choice – Alstromeria Colorita Pink

Peruvian Lily - 250 - Plants for Late Colour - Autumn Plants - Clarenbridge Online Garden Centre IrelandI feel you might think I am a bit repetitive when it comes to certain plants. Maybe so, but I do do it for a very good reason. I listen to what the customers are asking for each week and recently colour comes in like a lot. So let us have a little look at Alstromeria again.

This time a variety called Colorita Pink. Unlike Indian Summer, this Alstromeria will grow only about a foot, which makes it a perfect plant for a front of a bed or even in a container. I want to show you the vibrancy of the colour and how stunning she looks, especially among shimmering shades of Sussex Silver.

Nothing would be stopping you though to add her among the blue companions above. All I want to really stress to you is that if you are looking for easy maintenance, outstanding and very long performance and a show stopper you simply can not go wrong with this gal.

White and Green can work…

Hydrangea - 250 - Plants for late colour blog post Autumn Plants - Clarenbridge Online Garden Centre IrelandIf you said to me few years ago that white with green is a stunning combination for a garden I would probably think: boring and dull. Now I have to admit to being very ignorant and close minded. Now I appreciate how toned and delicate planting scheme might be the most subtle and elegant and truly amazing. Well, I live and learn, and don’t we all?

So when I saw my white Hydrangea coming in through the door I wanted to pair her with dark ivy. For simple yet so effective look. Given that Hydrangea is probably the longest flowering plant in an Irish garden, one should really use the advantage of this. The possibilities are endless here: Vinca Gertrude Jekyll, Leucanthemums, Agapanthus, Gaura, Libertia, Viburnums, Anemones and more! All mixed with a touch of glossy, dark green. What a view!

and finally….

With this I shall love ye and leave ye for another week. And I think the sun is on the cards at some stage, so we can get our “Indian Summer”, our last Hurray before the grey and wet of the winter time.

Thank you, Magda O’ Byrne


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