Cleaning up the air

Today I would like to touch base with a few last-minute thoughts before we take a break. And there is one particular thing I have on my mind- plants that are a resolution for dampness. We have had a lot of inquiries recently about specific plants that could resolve a damp issue. And I will be honest, there are no such plants. We have indoor plants that will help with balancing moisture levels in your home. But if you are looking for a so-called “quick fix”, this is not your answer. But let’s start at the beginning with our cleaning up the air tips.


cleaning up the air

For the last number of weeks, our customers are calling in to buy plants that were recommended as moisture problem solvers. The list includes ferns, ivy, ficus, aspidistra, peace lily, aloe vera, spider plant and snake plant (Check our Air Purifying Collection here). When we explain that those plants alone will not fix a serious problem, which too much moisture in a room definitely is, our customers seem disappointed. If you would like to go back to December 2020, we have spoken here about plants that have amazing air-purifying qualities.



aspidistra blog

The list included all of the above and a few other plants that are excellent for clearing your air and getting rid of heavy metals, dust, carcinogenic particles and other nasties floating freely in your space. This plant collection is called “air purifying” and is highly recommended to improve the quality of the air but also to benefit other areas in our lives, for example, mental health. It has been proven by researchers that owning indoor plants enriches our well-being, and gives us joy and a sense of responsibility. And it is definitely enhancing the look of our homes! And now let’s get back to the moisture issue.



cleaning up the air

As I said before, those plants alone or together will not be a solution to your problem. You will need a builder or another specialist to sort this out. What those plants will do however is thrive on the wet air around them. They will absorb some of it in, which will help a bit. Invest in a selection of indoor pots and enjoy the transformation growing indoor plants will bring, especially in the winter, when very little can be done outside. If you would like to know more about this, pop in to see us and we will explain the best we can.



spider plant

No doubt you will leave with a plant or two, but “how bad” really? If you are doing your research at home, the easiest way to group them in a sunny and shady location. For bright spaces in your house, we can offer you: aloe vera, snake plant, spider plant, phalaenopsis and ficusses.



The last two are not best for direct sunlight but will do well in bright spaces. For shadier corners, you really can’t go wrong with ivy, aspidistra, ferns of all shapes and sizes and peace lily. All the plants mentioned here are very easy to care for and grow. They are presentable- will definitely decorate your homes or act as a perfect gift.



So if you have all your Christmas decorating done already and you are on top of your shopping list. Have a look at this selection. Be it for yourself or a loved one. You really can not go wrong with a healthy and happy indoor plant. Particularly when it resides in a stunning, attention-grabbing pot.




Thank you,

Magda O’ Byrne.

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