Acres scheme

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Acres Scheme 2023-2027  

The Agri-Climate Rural Environment Scheme(ACRES) is an Irish financial support scheme to help farmers reverse biodiversity decline. It has a value of €1.5 billion and has just been launched.
You can apply now by engaging the services of ACRES advisors, a list of which can be found here along with lots of easy to understand explanations and advice.

Who are we?

We have over twenty years of experience in this area having helped lots of farmers with both the Glas scheme and reps scheme. We have been approved by Agricultural department as providers of approved native plants. We keep meticulous records so that we will be able to provide prove of purchase and passport details years later in the event of a late inspection. We have very experienced staff who are willing to help, advice and guide.

What can we help you with?

Tree Planting

Native tree whips minimum 100 required.

Native trees minimum 10 required in particular area of farm.

Alder trees in relation to nitrogen fixation.

Hedgerow Planting

Native hedgerow including native trees. Min 10m, max 750m.

5 plants/meter in double staggered rows with a mix of a minimum of 3 different species.

Native Fruit Trees

Native apple trees to be planted and traditional orchard developed.

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