Griselinia 60-90CM extra strong starting from €3.49


Griselinia 60-90CM extra strong

Griselinia littoralis. Extra strong Bareroot plants supplied at height: 60-90 cm.(2-3ft). These plants are a year older than the regular griselinia bare root product.

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griselinia 60-90CM #2 Griselinia 60-90CM extra strong

Griselinia Littoralis. Griselinia is a fast-growing large evergreen shrub with light green, broadly oval leaves. Griselinia prefers full sun well-drained soil, and is ideal in exposed seaside sites. Height up to 2m. Griselinia 60-90CM extra strong – bare root plants supplied at height: 60-90 cm.(2-3ft)

Name: Griselinia Littoralis

Approx. Height and spread: As required for hedge.

Position: Sun

Soil Ph: All

Moisture: Well drained soil

Hardiness: Hardy



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