Rhubarb Timperley Early


Rhubarb ‘Timperley Early’

Rheum x hybridum.  Plants supplied are 2 to 3 year old (stools) bare root plants.



rhubarb-timperley-earlyRhubarb ‘Timperley Early’

Rheum x hybridum ‘Timperley Early’ is an early variety and is by far the most popular heavy yielding variety. It has good disease resistance and is very easy to establish. Small amounts can be harvested at the end of the first season and large amounts in second and subsequent seasons up to and even beyond 10 years. This is a Perennial plant so you will only need to plant it once to give you years of  delicious Rhubarb. Plants supplied are 2 to 3 year old (stools) bare root  plants. Rhubarb Timperley Early 



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