For the Bees – Spring Bulb Collection x 200


For the Bees – Spring Bulb Collection

200 Mixed Variety Bulbs supplied. This collection will provide much needed nectar early in the year for bees coming out of hibernation.



For the Bees – Spring Bulb Collection x 200

This offer consists of a mix of 200 Spring flowering bulbs.

You will receive a mix the following: 

  • 50 x Bluebells
  • 50 x Giant Snowdrops
  • 50 x Purple Crocus
  • 50 x Fritillaria Meleagris

Varieties may change, and substitutes supplied depending on stock.  

”Unlike honeybees, whose keepers make sure there’s enough food in the hive to see them through to spring, bumblebees have to fend for themselves. The queens can spend up to six months hibernating, so emerge in spring with very little energy. They can be found literally clinging to unopened flowers as early as February, eager to get that first sip of nectar so they can fly off in search of a suitable nest site. Without that early source of food, they can die.”



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