Citrus Mandarin Tree


Mandarin Tree

Supplied in a 22cm Pot
Plant height 50-60cm approx.

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Citrus Mandarin Tree

Growing Citrus Mandarin trees in Ireland can be a rewarding endeavour, although it does require some attention to the specific needs of these fruit trees.

Citrus Mandarin trees thrive in warm, sunny climates, so in Ireland, they are best suited to being grown indoors or in a greenhouse. This protects them from the cooler temperatures and ensures they receive enough sunlight.

Use well-draining, slightly acidic soil for your Citrus Mandarin tree. A mix of potting soil and sand or perlite works well. Make sure the pot has good drainage holes to prevent waterlogging.

Place the tree in a spot where it receives plenty of sunlight, ideally a south-facing window or a conservatory.

By providing the right conditions of sunlight, soil, water, and care, you can successfully grow Citrus Mandarin trees in Ireland, bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to your home.

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Vibrant Citrus Mandarin Tree, ideal for indoor or greenhouse cultivation in Ireland, offering fresh, flavorful fruits straight from your homeCitrus Mandarin Tree

Availability: Only 2 left in stock

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