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Semi-Mature Outdoor Fig Tree


10 Year old, Semi-Mature Outdoor White Fig Tree

ficus carica ‘Dottato’ Supplied in a 50L pot. Plant height: 150-175CM approx.


Semi-Mature Outdoor White Fig

ficus carica ‘Dottato’ . This white fig tree is an Italian cultivar of the common fig. Deciduous. A very attractive, large shrub or small spreading tree. Its lobed leaves and edible fruits are of interest throughout the year. The fruit is medium sized, and greenish yellow when ripe and has a rich sweet amber pulp. An excellent choice for preserves, but can be eaten fresh. Ripens in mid-season. 10 year old plant – Supplied in a 50L pot. Plant height: 150-175CM approx. Semi-Mature Outdoor Fig

Name: ficus carica ‘Dottato’

Approx. Height and spread: 3-4M x 3-4M

Position: Sun (south or east facing)

Soil Ph: Alkaline – Neutral

Moisture: Well drained. Moist but well drained.

Hardiness: Hardy

**Small image shows tree in dormant winter state.



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