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White Mulberry Tree

Morus alba. The White Mulberry Tree  is a broad-crowned, small deciduous tree with heart-shaped dark green leaves, turning yellow in autumn. Flowers are followed by white to dark purplish fruits which are edible. Fresh fruit has a pleasant, sweet taste with a light acidic flavour. It is best eaten fresh or used in desserts, or made into preserves. Dried fruit has a more pronounced taste and can replace raisins.

Name: Morus alba

Approx. Height and spread: 3M x 2M

Position: Full sun.

Soil Ph: All.

Moisture: Well drained soil. Moist, but well drained soil

Hardiness: Hardy

‘The white mulberry is widely cultivated to feed the silkworms employed in the commercial production of silk. It is also notable for the rapid release of its pollen, which is launched at over half the speed of sound.’



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