Seed Shaker Butterfly and Bee


Seed Shaker ‘Butterfly and Bee’

‘Butterfly & Bee’ Seed Shaker is a carefully selected variety of flowers chosen to attract wildlife and pollinators, such as butterflies and bees into your garden.


Seed Shaker ‘Butterfly and Bee’

Contains: Yarrow, Mexican Giant Hyssop, Prince’s Feather, Lady’s Lace, Starflower, Safflower, Cornflower, Golden Crown, Larkspur, Coneflower, Indian Blanket Flower, Candytuft, Mallow, Scarlet Flax, 4 O’Clock Lily, Love in a Mist, Basil, Common Poppy, Yellow Hawkweed, Moss Verbena, Zinnia Mixed, Oxeye Daisy, California, Poppy, Illinois Wildflowers, White mustard and Blue Lupin. Flower varieties can differ and can be replaced due to crop and seasonal circumstances. Seed Shaker Butterfly and Bee

Sowing Period: February – June

Flowering Period: June – October




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