Kanji Pagoda


A Striking Sculpture for Your Garden.

Decorative, reconstituted stone garden ornament

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Kanji Pagoda

The  Kanji Pagoda is a mesmerizing reconstituted stone garden sculpture, standing at an elegant height of 60 cm. This captivating work of art seamlessly blends traditional Japanese aesthetics with a modern twist, making it a unique and eye-catching addition to any garden or outdoor space.

The central element of the Kanji Pagoda is, of course, the pagoda itself. Sculpted with exquisite detail, the pagoda is a miniature representation of a traditional Japanese temple tower. The craftsmanship is meticulous and features intricate relief carvings. The use of reconstituted stone gives the pagoda a weathered, antique appearance, adding to its authenticity and charm.

What truly sets the Kanji Pagoda apart is its innovative design. The pagoda is perched atop a stylized wave, which creates a dynamic and visually striking composition. This wave is expertly sculpted to capture the fluidity and motion of water, with gentle curves that provide a sense of movement and energy. This wave serves as both a pedestal and a statement piece, symbolizing the dynamic forces of nature in Japanese culture, such as the ocean’s power and its connection to spirituality.

The Kanji Pagoda sculpture is a true masterpiece that invites viewers to appreciate the rich history and artistry of Japanese culture while also embracing the fusion of tradition and modernity.

Handcast in England from reconstituted stone/concrete. Height: 20cm Weight:2.3KG

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