Bulb Starter


Bulb Starter 500g

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Bulb Starter

Use  Bulb Starter when planting bulbs such as Tulips, Daffodils and Alliums. Can also be used for corms such as Freesias and crocosmia, stem tubers such as Potatoes, and begonias and root tubers such as Dahlias ans Day Lilies. Empathy Bulb Starter ensures the ideal biological conditions for bulbs to germinate, grow and flower.

Designed around the recognised rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, Bulb Starter also includes vermiculite to ensure good drainage in the root zone and seaweed meal as a source of natural auxins to stimulate root development. The product also contains humates as a source of organic acids for both the treated bulb and soil microorganisms.

Place Bulb Starter into the base of the planting hole, backfill and water.



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