Citrus Potting Mix 10L


Citrus Potting Mix enriched with Seramis®

Supplied in a 10L pack
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Citrus Potting Mix

Citrus Potting Mix—a specialized blend designed for potting or repotting your cherished citrus plants. This formula, enriched with Seramis® granules, ensures optimal water and nutrient retention, keeping your citrus plants nourished and hydrated precisely when they need it. With a composition that promotes dry, well-draining conditions and free of peat, this mix incorporates perlite for improved airflow, preventing the risks of overwatering while creating an environment where citrus thrives, naturally deterring flies.

The infusion of a zinc complex not only supports swift repotting establishment but also fosters robust root growth, resulting in more plentiful fruiting. This Citrus Potting Mix effectively minimizes plant stress, enhancing the plant’s resilience in diverse conditions.

Tailored as a complete care solution for your citrus plants, Westland Citrus Potting Mix revolutionizes your citrus gardening journey, establishing an environment that fosters growth, resilience, and a fruitful harvest.

– Seramis® granules for precise water management
– Perlite enrichment for enhanced airflow and drainage
– Stimulates healthy root development
– Alleviates plant stress, enhancing resilience
– Peat-free formulation
– Ideal for Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Calamondin, Kumquat, and Lime varieties

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Citrus Potting Mix - a specialized blend designed for potting or repotting your citrus plants in Ireland.Citrus Potting Mix 10L

Availability: In stock

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