Tree Shelter With Stake – 75cm


Protection for young Trees.

Length 75cm

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Tree Shelter With Stake – 75cm

Suitable for the ACRES scheme, these Tubex plastic guards are the best way to protect young hedging plants and trees from being damaged or even destroyed by rabbits and hares. They are simply wrapped around the tree or hedging plant and can be used with or without bamboo canes (for plants under 75cm tall). Tree Shelter With Stake – 75cm

  • Maximum protection from rabbits, hares, sheep, goats etc.
  • Boosts growth by 50 – 100%
  • Prevents damage from herbicides during spraying operations
  • Prevents bracken and other broadleaf weeds falling in on trees in the autumn
  • Will protect garden shrubs/plants from dogs, cats etc.

All stakes are treated softwood four-way pointed. Stakes are 90cm x 25mm x 25mm square.

ACRES Scheme requires a minimum 75cm Tubex standard with a stake for all trees planted under the scheme


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Tree Shelter With Stake - 75cm. Protection for young trees against rabbits in Ireland.Tree Shelter With Stake – 75cm

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