Topbuxus Health-mix – 10 tablet


Topbuxus Health-mix – 10 tablet pack.

Strengthens your box hedge. Makes leaves light green and shiny. Treats the full plant. Reaches up to all plant parts. Must be used 3-5 times a year.



Topbuxus Health-mix – 10 tablet pack.

Box plants are one of our most popular sellers , but recent climate change has left them susceptible to disease and fungal infections such as cylindrocladium buxicola. To maintain this popularity it is important that an effective treatment be found to counteract these fungal infections, which are increasingly virulent.  A top Dutch grower has developed a completely natural product that burns the fungus spores and ensures healthy growth free from fungal infection for ever. It also contains nutrients that stimulate the plant’s growth with shiny leaves. TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX is a leaf fertilizer in the form of an effervescent tablet. Topbuxus Health-mix – 10 tablet

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