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Aechmea Blue Rain


Aechmea ‘Blue Rain’

Aechmea ‘Blue Rain’. Supplied in flower in 14-15cm pot . Height: 60-80CM


Aechmea ‘Blue Rain’

Bromeliad ‘Blue Rain’. A Truly stunning plant, and very very easy to look after. A very long lasting Blue and red flower spike with deep green glossy leaves. In their native habitat the striking flowers attract hummingbirds as pollinators. Supplied in flower in a 14-15cm pot at height: 60-80CM. Aechmea Blue Rain 

Name: Aechmea ‘Blue Rain’

Approx. Height and spread: up to 90CM x 70CM

Position: Indoors. Bright – indirect position.

*After flowering keep the well at the centre of the plant topped up over the growing season. In winter keep on the dry side and do not water into the ‘well’. Keep humidity up by misting.