Humata Tyermannii – White Rabbit’s Foot Fern


Indoor Fern

Humata tyermannii. Supplied in 12cm pot at height 15-20cm .

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Humata tyermannii

Humata tyermannii known as the ‘White Rabbit’s Foot’, ‘Silver Hare’s Foot’, ‘Bears Paw Fern’. A tender fern usually grown as a houseplant. The fronds are triangular in outline, dark green and very finely divided. Furry, silvery rhizomes creep across the surface then dangle over the sides of the container. This is one of the easiest ferns to grow. It will flourish in a brightly lit spot (away from direct sunlight), and as it loves high humidity, is happiest in bathrooms or kitchens – ideally away from radiators.

Name: Humata tyermannii

Approx. Eventual Height and spread: 30CM x 50CM

Position: Indoors. Bright indirect light.


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Humata tyermannii - indoor plants Ireland - clarenbridge online garden centreHumata Tyermannii – White Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Availability: In stock

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