Sansevieria Star Canary – Snake Plant


Indoor succulent plant

Supplied in a 14CM pot at height: 35CM approx

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Sansevieria Star Canary

Sansevieria ‘Star Canary’. A unique Snake Plant with distinctive young leaves in bright yellow which contrast with the dark green of the older ones.The stiff elongated succulent leaves have wavy edges, unlike any other sansevieria. very easy to look after and great for air-purifying.

Name: Sansevieria ‘Star Canary’

Approx. Height and spread: 20CM x 40CM

Position: Indoors. Ideally bright, with some full sun, but will also tolerate shade.

‘The main thing to avoid with this plant is over-watering, so only water (avoiding the crown) when the compost gets quite dry’.


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