Venus Flytrap – Dionaea Muscipula


Venus Flytrap

Supplied in a 12cm pot.

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Dionaea Muscipula

An evergreen, insectivorous perennial with rosettes of leaves. Each rosette comprises 6 or more leaves with a flat green stalk ending in a hinged trap. This trap is often flushed pink or red inside and edged with stiff bristles that interlock when the trap closes. Grow your Venus fly trap at room temperature in full sun, such as on a sunny windowsill, and keep well watered with rainwater only – allow the compost to dry out only in winter. Venus Flytrap Dionaea Muscipula

Name: Dionaea Muscipula

Approx. Height and spread: up to 10cm x 10-50cm

Position: Indoor – Full sun-Partial shade.

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Venus Flytrap – Dionaea Muscipula

Availability: Only 2 left in stock

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