Yucca Elephantipes Large


Yucca Elephantipes

The Spanish Bayonet. Supplied in a 30cm pot at height: 120cm approx

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Yucca elephantipes

Yucca elephantipes – also known as The Spanish Bayonet, Guard Plant, Adam’s Thread. An easy plant to look after, the Yucca requires a sunny position all year, well drained compost and careful watering. A south-facing window would be ideal in winter with an east or west-facing window in summer. Provide light shade from direct summer sun and ventilate freely to encourage air flow to reduce excessive high temperatures. Yucca Elephantipes Large

Name: Yucca elephantipes

Approx. Height: +3m approx

Position: Indoor – bright but indirect light.






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Yucca Elephantipes large - indoor plants ireland - clarenbridge online garden centreYucca Elephantipes Large

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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