Dwarf Tamarillo – Solanum Abutiloides


Dwarf Tamarillo Bush

Supplied in 2L pot at height: 40-50cm


Dwarf Tamarillo – Solanum Abutiloides

Solanum Abutiloides. This tender, evergreen shrub or small tree can produce small fruits that are both, sweet and sour, like a mixture of strawberry, apricot and pineapple. Thanks to its egg-shaped appearance and yellow-orange color, it is also called “dwarf tree tomato” or “Brazilian velvet peach”. Since it’s not hardy in this country, we recommend planting in a large pot or container in a glasshouse or in a sunny, heated Conservatory. *Avoid eating fruit until it is fully ripe. Dwarf Tamarillo – Solanum Abutiloides

Name: Solanum Abutiloides

Approx. Height: up to 2M

Position: Full sun

Soil Ph: Neautral

Moisture: Well Drained. Moist, but well drained.

Hardiness: Not Hardy – can be grown in glasshouse, or sunny conservatory.



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