Washingtonia Rob. Mexican Fan Palm

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‘Mexican Fan Palm’

Washingtonia Robusta. Supplied in a 5-7L pot at height: 60-70CM approx.


Washingtonia Robusta

Washingtonia Robusta, Mexican Fan Palm, Southern Washingtonia. A tall, fast-growing, evergreen palm with a slender trunk that swells considerably at the base on mature specimens. Large fan-shaped leaves. Long sprays of small white flowers are borne on hanging, branched stems, and are followed by dark brown fruits. Grow in a sheltered sunny spot and protect over winter. Alternately grow in a greenhouse or conservatory. 

Name: Washingtonia Robusta

Approx. Height and spread: up to 12M x 2.5-4M

Position: Full sun

Soil Ph: Acid, Neutral

Moisture: Well drained

Hardiness: Not hardy



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