Climbing Rose Bantry Bay


‘Bantry Bay’ Climbing Rose

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‘Bantry Bay’ Climbing Rose

The Climbing Rose Bantry Bay is celebrated for its large, semi-double to double blooms. The flowers have a classic rose shape, with a high centre and gracefully unfurling petals. The colour is typically a deep, rich pink, creating an eye-catching display in the garden. Many climbing roses, including Bantry Bay, are prized for their delightful fragrance. The scent can vary, but it is often described as sweet and classic, adding to the overall appeal of the rose.

The foliage of Bantry Bay is generally dark green and glossy, providing an attractive backdrop to the vibrant blooms. It is known for its vigorous climbing growth habit. It can reach 3-3.5 metres, making it suitable for trellises, fences, or arbours. Regular pruning can help maintain shape and encourage more prolific flowering.

Climbing roses, including Bantry Bay, are often appreciated for their hardiness. They can adapt to various soil conditions and are generally resistant to common rose diseases.

It’s a popular choice for those looking to create a romantic or cottage garden atmosphere.

Name: rosa ‘Bantry Bay’

Approx. Height and spread: 3-3.5M x 3M

Position: Sun, part shade

Soil Ph: All

Moisture: Moist but well drained

Hardiness: Fully Hardy

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