Blechnum Brasiliense Volcano


Dwarf Brazilian Tree Fern ‘Volcano’

Supplied in a 12cm pot
Height: 15-20cm approx.

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Blechnum Brasiliense Volcano

Blechnum Brasiliense Volcano, commonly known as Dwarf Brazilian Tree Fern ‘Volcano’ is a species of fern belonging to the family Blechnaceae. This fern is native to South America, particularly found in Brazil, as its name suggests. It is notable for its adaptability to various moisture levels, which allows it to thrive in a range of habitats from wetlands to drier areas.

The fronds (leaves) of Blechnum brasiliense are typically lance-shaped and pinnately divided, meaning they have a central stalk with smaller leaflets arranged along it. The fronds can reach lengths of up to 1 meter or more. The colour of the fronds is usually bright green.

It can be grown as an ornamental plant in gardens and landscapes, particularly in areas where a lush, tropical look is desired. It’s important to provide the fern with the appropriate moisture conditions to promote healthy growth.

Name: Blechnum brasiliense ‘Volcano’

Approx. Height and spread: 1.5M x 1M

Position: Sun – part shade.

Soil Ph: Acid

Moisture: Moist, but well drained.

Hardiness: Mostly Hardy

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Approx. Height





Full Sun, Part Shade

Soil Ph



Moist But Well Drained


Mostly Hardy


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Blechnum Brasiliense Volcano, commonly known as Dwarf Brazilian Tree Fern 'Volcano' is a species of fern that will grow well in Ireland.Blechnum Brasiliense Volcano

Availability: In stock

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