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Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion


‘Beautyberry Profusion’

Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion Supplied in a 3L pot at height: 60cm approx.


Callicarpa Bodinieri ‘Profusion’

‘Beautyberry‘. A medium-sized deciduous shrub of upright habit. The foliage is purplish when young, turning rosy-pink in autumn. It produces small, lilac flowers then violet-purple berries in compact clusters. Several shrubs grown together ensures pollination for successful fruiting. Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion

Name: Callicarpa Bodinieri ‘Profusion’

Approx. Height and spread: 2.5-4M x 1.5-2.5M

Position: Sun – part shade.

Soil Ph: All

Moisture: Well drained.

Hardiness: Hardy.




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