Daphne Mezereum Rubra


Daphne Mezereum ‘Rubra’

Daphne Mezereum ‘Rubra’. Supplied in a 5L pot at height: 50-60cm approx.

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Daphne Mezereum Rubra

Daphne Mezereum ‘Rubra’. A deciduous, rounded shrub. Flowers usually appear before the leaves, purplish-pink or purplish-red, clustered closely in twos and threes from buds on the twigs in early spring, very fragrant, followed by round red berries. Leaves are oval shaped, dull grey-green. Daphne Mezereum Rubra

Name: Daphne Mezereum ‘Rubra’

Approx. Height and spread: 1-1.5M x 0.5-1M

Position: Sun – Part Shade.

Soil Ph: All

Moisture: Well drained soil. Moist, but well drained soil

Hardiness: Hardy.



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