Musa Basjoo Japanese Banana

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Japanese Ornamental Banana

Supplied in a 5-litre pot.
Plant height: 40-50cm approx.

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Musa Basjoo ‘Japanese Banana’

Musa basjoo, commonly known as the Japanese banana or hardy banana, is a species of banana native to Japan. It is renowned for its ability to withstand colder temperatures compared to most other banana species, making it a popular choice for gardeners in temperate climates. The Musa basjoo plant features large, lush, tropical-looking leaves that can grow up to several feet long. While it produces small, inedible fruit, its primary allure is its ornamental value, bringing a touch of the exotic to gardens even in regions with chilly winters. Looks good in an exotic, jungle planting scheme. Can also be grown indoors in a bright conservatory or sunny room. 

Name: Musa Basjoo

Approx. Height and spread: 250-400cm x 150-250cm

Position: Sunny, sheltered position.

Moisture: Well-drained soil.

Hardiness: Tolerant of low temperatures, but not surviving being frozen.

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1 review for Musa Basjoo Japanese Banana

  1. Alison O Neill (verified owner)

    Unfortunately leaves were quite damaged & poor. They have not improved much since planting

    • Elma Morgan (store manager)

      Sorry to hear that the delicate beautiful leaves were damaged. This is one of my favorite plants and I am confident that it will make a full recovery. The new fresh foliage will develop very quickly from the centre of this beauty. It needs sheltered spot, with as much sunshine as possible and needs to be protected from frost.
      If there is ever an issue with any order that you place with us, send me an email (info@clarenbridgegardencentre) and I will address the issue immediately. Please do not hesitate. Thanking you for your order, Elma

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Musa Basjoo Musa basjoo, commonly known as the Japanese banana is a shrub that can be grown in IrelandMusa Basjoo Japanese Banana

Availability: In stock

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