Narcissus Mix 25KG

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25KG Mixed Daffodil Varieties

25kg pack of bulbs.

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Narcissus Mix 25KG

Narcissus Mix 25KG Pack: Elevate your garden with the enchanting Narcissus Mix, a carefully curated blend of exquisite narcissus flower bulbs. This 25KG pack offers a bountiful collection of premium narcissus varieties, each boasting its unique allure and captivating beauty. From the graceful elegance of classic trumpet-shaped blooms to the delicate charm of dainty multi-petaled blossoms, this mix promises a symphony of colours, shapes, and fragrances that will transform your outdoor space into a mesmerizing floral haven.

With its generous quantity, the Narcissus Mix 25KG Pack is ideal for both professional landscapers and enthusiastic home gardeners. Plant them in beds, borders, or containers to create stunning displays that herald the arrival of spring. These hardy and reliable bulbs require minimal care, rewarding you with a breathtaking spectacle year after year. Whether you’re seeking to create a serene retreat or a vibrant burst of nature’s finest, this great offer is your ticket to a resplendent and fragrant garden paradise.

Height 40cm approx. Plant 10cm apart in a sunny position. Flowers February – March.

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1 review for Narcissus Mix 25KG

  1. Susi Allen (verified owner)

    You did well… all planted…

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Narcissus Mix 25KG - this bulk pack of mixed daffodil bulbs is perfect for planting in gardens and containers in Ireland.Narcissus Mix 25KG

Availability: In stock

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