Allium Ostara

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Low Growing Ornamental Onion

Spring flowering bulbs.
Height: 40cm approx.

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Allium Ostara

Allium Ostara is a distinctive new cross between Karataviense and Atropurpureum with the best qualities of its parents. This remarkable flowering plant boasts a deep violet-purple hue that commands attention in any garden or landscape. The most prominent feature of Allium Ostara is its enchanting flower ball, which showcases a mesmerizing deep violet-purple colouration. This hue exudes a sense of elegance and richness, serving as a striking focal point that draws the eye. The flower ball is composed of numerous individual florets, creating a dense and captivating spherical cluster.

The leaves of Allium Ostara are broad and long-lasting, these leaves contribute to the overall aesthetic even before the flowering phase. Their substantial size and enduring nature make it a delightful addition to various landscaping projects.

Alliums, including the Ostara variety, have a well-deserved reputation as pollinator magnets. The intricate structure of the flower ball, coupled with the vivid violet-purple colour, serves as an irresistible beacon for a diverse array of pollinating insects. This quality not only adds a touch of vibrancy to outdoor spaces but also supports local ecosystems by fostering pollination.

Height: 40cm approx. Plant 20cm apart in a sunny or partly shady position. Flowers in June.

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Allium Ostara is a low growing spring flowering bulb with deep violet coloured blooms. It will grow well in Ireland.Allium Ostara
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