Allium Purple Garden Mix


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Spring flowering bulbs at different heights.

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Allium Purple Garden Mix

Introducing Clarenbridge Garden Centre’s “Allium Purple Garden Mix” – the epitome of “Something Different” for your garden oasis. This exquisite bundle showcases the allure of nature in three distinct varieties: Allium Gladiator, Allium Party Balloons, and Allium Ostara.

Allium Gladiator: With its statuesque presence and regal purple hue, Allium Gladiator stands tall as a centrepiece, captivating all who behold it. This remarkable variety adds height, drama, and a touch of grandeur to your garden. Height: 100-120cm approx

Allium Party Balloons: Like a cheerful celebration in your garden, Allium Party Balloons boasts spherical clusters of vivid purple blossoms. These playful blooms evoke joy and whimsy, creating a delightful focal point in your outdoor space. Height: 60cm approx.

Allium Ostara: Radiating elegance and grace, Allium Ostara’s delicate, star-shaped flowers offer a gentle contrast to the bolder varieties in this mix. Their lilac-purple petals invite pollinators and bring a touch of finesse to your garden. Height: 40cm approx.

Our “Allium Purple Garden Mix” bundle includes three each of these captivating varieties, ensuring a harmonious blend of heights, shapes, and shades that will transform your garden into a breathtaking spectacle. Elevate your outdoor space with this unique collection, and let Clarenbridge Garden Centre’s “Something Different” motto infuse your garden with beauty and distinction. Order now and make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood!

Plant 20cm apart in a sunny or partly shady position. Flowers in June.

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Allium Purple Garden Mix

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