Anemone Coronaria Hollandia Red

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Red Flowering Anemone

Height: 30cm approx.

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Anemone Coronaria Hollandia Red

Anemone Coronaria Hollandia Red. This stunning perennial flower boasts vibrant crimson-red petals that gracefully unfurl like delicate, velvety brushes. The flower’s petals are delicate and gracefully shaped, surrounding a central cluster of yellow or dark-coloured stamens. With its enchanting charm, it’s sure to become the centrepiece of any landscape. The Hollandia Red is not only visually striking but also a breeze to care for. Its hardy nature makes it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced gardeners. From late spring through to early summer, the Hollandia Red will flourish, creating a captivating display of colour that will catch every passerby’s eye.

Whether you’re planting it in garden borders, rockeries, or containers, the Anemone Hollandia Red will thrive in a variety of settings. Its compact growth habit and sturdy stems ensure it stands tall, even in gusty winds.

Height: 25cm.  Plant 10 cm apart in a sunny or partly shady position.  Flowers May-June.

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anemone coronaria hollandia is a red flowering late spring flowering bulb which is perfect for planting in Ireland.Anemone Coronaria Hollandia Red
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