Eremurus Cleopatra

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Foxtail Lily

Flowering bulbs.
Height: 150-200cm approx.

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Eremurus Cleopatra

Eremurus Cleopatra is also known as Foxtail Lily or Desert Candle. This plant has impressive tall flower spikes and a vibrant appearance. This stunning plant features a robust and dramatic presence with its tall flower spikes that can reach heights of up to 2 meters or more. The densely arranged individual flowers along the length of the spike, create a foxtail-like appearance, which gives rise to its common name “Foxtail Lily.” The flowers are typically a rich and vibrant orange or apricot colour, adding a bold splash of colour to the garden.

The flowering period of Eremurus Cleopatra usually occurs in late spring to early summer. The tall flower spikes rise above the plant’s clump of linear, grass-like leaves, creating a stunning vertical element in the garden.

Eremurus Cleopatra is native to Central Asia and thrives in regions with well-draining soil and plenty of sunlight. It has adapted to arid and semi-arid environments, making it a resilient plant choice for gardens with limited water availability.  It creates a captivating visual impact when planted in groups or when combined with other perennials with contrasting colours and forms. The vertical nature of the flower spikes adds a sense of height and drama to the landscape.

Height: 150-200cm tall approx. Plant in a sunny position. Flowers in June-July. 

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Eremurus Cleopatra also known as the Foxtail Lily, is a late spring flowering bulb. It is perfect for growing in Ireland.Eremurus Cleopatra
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