Galanthus Nivalis Flore Pleno

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Double Flowering Snowdrops

Height 15cm approx.

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Galanthus Nivalis Flore Pleno

Galanthus nivalis Flore Pleno, commonly known as the Double Snowdrop, is a captivating and delicate flowering bulb that adds a touch of enchantment to winter and early spring gardens. This perennial plant is characterized by its unique double-flowered blossoms, which resemble miniature rosettes of pristine white petals.

The Double Snowdrop’s charming appearance is a result of its multiple layers of petals, creating a fuller and more intricate flower than the typical single-flowered snowdrop. These delicate blooms gracefully dangle from slender, arching stems, rising just above the ground, and often emerge through a blanket of snow, symbolizing the promise of spring’s arrival.

Easy to cultivate, this double-flowered snowdrop thrives in well-drained soil and dappled sunlight, making it an ideal choice for woodland gardens, rockeries, or under deciduous trees. Its diminutive size and timeless elegance make it a cherished addition to traditional and cottage-style gardens.

Height: 15cm approx. Plant 5 cm apart in a sunny or semi-shady position. Flowers in January-April

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Galanthus Nivalis Flore Pleno - a double flowering snowdrop for early spring interest in your garden in Ireland.Galanthus Nivalis Flore Pleno
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