Lily Baferrari

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White Oriental Lily

Flowering bulbs.
Height: 90cm approx.

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Lily Baferrari

The Bafferari Oriental Lily is an exquisite and captivating flower that effortlessly combines elegance and vibrancy. Its botanical name, Lilium Bafferari, encapsulates the unique qualities that make this lily a favourite among flower enthusiasts and garden connoisseurs alike. At first glance, Lily Baferrari showcases its pristine white petals that exude purity and grace. The petals are velvety in texture, adding a tactile dimension to its visual beauty. The blooms are generously sized, boasting a splendid arrangement of petals that curve gently outward, creating a sense of depth and fullness.

The defining feature of the Lily Baferrari is its striking starburst at the centre of each bloom. A crisp and pale lemon-yellow hue radiates from the heart of the flower, resembling a burst of sunshine captured within delicate petals. This vibrant starburst serves as a captivating focal point, drawing the eye and enhancing the lily’s overall allure.

The combination of the white petals and the lemon-yellow starburst creates a harmonious contrast that is both soothing and invigorating. This lily’s fragrance is equally enchanting, emitting a sweet and heady scent that fills the air with its alluring aroma. The fragrance has an intoxicating quality, making the Bafferari Lily not just a visual delight, but also an olfactory treasure.

Whether displayed in a vase as a cut flower or cultivated in a garden bed, the Bafferari Lily commands attention with its sophisticated beauty and intricate detailing. It has become a symbol of refined taste and a representation of the delicate balance between subtlety and vibrancy in the natural world. Whether gracing a formal event or bringing elegance to everyday surroundings, the Bafferari Lily is a timeless choice that continues to captivate hearts with its undeniable charm.

Height: 90cm tall approx. Plant in a sunny position. Flowers in July-August. 

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Lily Baferrari is a white oriental lily with a lemon sunburst centre. It is ideal for growing in Ireland.Lily Baferrari
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