Ranunculus Picotee Orange

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Late Spring-Early Summer Flowering Bulbs

Height: 20-30cm approx.

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Ranunculus Picotee Orange

Ranunculus Picotee Orange is a cultivar of the Ranunculus genus, known for its vibrant and striking appearance. Commonly referred to as buttercups, Ranunculus are flowering plants that belong to the Ranunculaceae family. ‘Picotee Orange’ is a specific variety within this genus, and it is cherished for its unique colouration and distinctive petal edges. The flowers of ‘Picotee Orange’ are large, showy, and double-layered, giving them a lush and full appearance. Each flower is composed of multiple layers of petals. What sets this cultivar apart is the “picotee” effect on the petal edges. The term “picotee” refers to the delicate edging of a different colour on the petals. The flowers open from tight red buds, gradually unfurling to reveal yellow and apricot shades, each petal with a red ripple on the outer edge This creates a captivating and artistic contrast that enhances the overall visual appeal of the flower.

Use these striking orange flowers in cut flower arrangements due to their long vase life and captivating appearance.

Height: 20-30cm approx.  Plant 10cm apart in a sunny position.  Flowers: May – onwards. 

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Ranunculus Picotee Orange is a late spring or early summer flowering bulb known for its bright orange toned blooms. It will grow well in Ireland.Ranunculus Picotee Orange
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