Crocus Chrysanthus Dorothy x 500


500 x Spring Flowering Bulbs

500 x bulbs supplied.
Height: 8cm approx.

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Crocus Chrysanthus Dorothy x 500

Crocus chrysanthus Dorothy is a charming and popular variety of Crocus chrysanthus, a type of early-blooming crocus. It is a member of the Iridaceae family, known for its vibrant and delicate spring flowers. ‘Dorothy’ crocus is celebrated for its distinctive characteristics and appealing aesthetic.

The flowers of Crocus chrysanthus Dorothy are small but captivating. Each bulb produces several blooms, with each flower consisting of six petals arranged in a cup-like shape. The petals are light yellow, shaded bronzy on the outer petals. This striking colour contrast creates a visually pleasing effect, making ‘Dorothy’ crocus stand out in early spring gardens.

One of the most attractive features of ‘Dorothy’ crocus is its early blooming period. It often flowers in late winter to early spring, depending on the local climate. The blooms emerge as one of the first signs of the changing seasons, heralding the arrival of warmer weather and a burst of colour in the garden.

This crocus variety is often used in a variety of landscaping settings, perfect for rockeries or containers, these delicate flowers will also thrive planted under taller shrubs and trees in beds or borders. When planted in large groups, these crocuses can naturalize over time, creating a stunning carpet of early spring colour in lawns or meadows.

Height: 6cm approx. Plant 5cm apart in a sunny or part shady position. Flower: Feb-March.  

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Crocus Chrysanthus Dorothy is an early flowering spring bulb. It is ideal for growing in Ireland.Crocus Chrysanthus Dorothy x 500

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