Galanthus Nivalis x 350


350 x Common Snowdrop Bulbs

350 x Bulbs supplied.

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Galanthus Nivalis

This is our offer for the Galanthus nivalis x 350. Commonly known as the snowdrop, it is a charming and delicate perennial plant. With its graceful white bell-shaped flowers, the snowdrop heralds the arrival of spring in gardens and landscapes. These lovely blooms dangle from slender, green stems, creating a picturesque scene reminiscent of a winter wonderland.

Notably, snowdrops thrive in cool climates and prefer well-drained soil. It is a resilient species that can withstand frost, making it an ideal choice for early-season gardens. Its timeless beauty and ability to endure harsh conditions make Galanthus nivalis a sought-after addition to any garden.

Furthermore, the enchanting snowdrops emit a subtle, sweet fragrance that attracts pollinators as soon as they emerge. Their dainty appearance and vibrant green foliage offer a striking contrast against the backdrop of melting snow. Gardeners and nature enthusiasts alike are captivated by the sight of Galanthus nivalis, making it a popular choice for planting near walkways or under trees.

Height: 15CM.  Plant 10cm apart in Sun or part Shade. Flowers in January-March.

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Galanthus Nivalis x 350, also known as the snowdrop, is an early spring flowering bulb with white flowers. It is ideal for planting in Ireland.Galanthus Nivalis x 350
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