Muscari Armeniacum x 500


Grape Hyacinth x 500

500 x Spring flowering bulbs.

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Muscari Armeniacum

This is our Muscari Armeniacum x 500 bulb offer. Commonly known as Grape Hyacinth, Muscari Armeniacumis a charming perennial plant. With its vibrant blue, flowers that look like tiny bunches of grapes, it adds a touch of elegance to gardens and landscapes. These delightful blooms emerge in early spring, creating a stunning visual spectacle. Furthermore, Muscari Armeniacum requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced gardeners. Its naturalizing tendency ensures that it multiplies each year, forming captivating clusters that enhance the beauty of any outdoor space. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Muscari Armeniacum also attracts pollinators, contributing to a thriving ecosystem. Consider planting our Muscari Armeniacum x 500 bulbs to enjoy a burst of vivid blue hues and effortless gardening joy in your outdoor haven.

Intriguingly fragrant and visually captivating, Muscari Armeniacum serves as an exquisite companion to early spring bloomers, creating a harmonious symphony of colors and scents. Enhance your garden’s allure with this versatile gem and witness the magic of Muscari Armeniacum unfold, season after season. Elevate your outdoor haven today with this captivating springtime treasure.

Height: 15cm tall approx. Plant 8-10CM apart in a sunny position. Flowers in April-May. 

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Muscari Armeniacum - The grape hyacinth is a spring flowering bulb with blue flowers. It is perfect for growing in Ireland.Muscari Armeniacum x 500

Availability: In stock

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