Narcissus Golden Dawn x 150


Fragrant Multi-Headed Daffodil

150 x Spring flowering bulbs supplied.
Height: 40-45cm approx.

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Narcissus Golden Dawn

The Narcissus Golden Dawn is a captivating and enchanting flower that belongs to the Narcissus genus, renowned for its captivating blooms and delicate fragrances. This particular cultivar boasts a multitude of heads that cluster together to form a stunning display. The petals of the Narcissus Golden Dawn are a soft and graceful shade of pale yellow. These petals are meticulously ruffled, adding a touch of intricate texture to the overall appearance of the flower.  At the heart of these layered petals lies the focal point of the Narcissus Golden Dawn’s beauty: the deep orange cup. The cup, also known as the corona or trumpet, is a vibrant and bold hue that serves as a striking contrast to the surrounding petals. Its rich and warm colouration draws the eye inward, capturing attention and evoking a sense of fascination.

When in full bloom, the Narcissus Golden Dawn presents an exquisite interplay of colour and form. The multi-headed nature of the flower means that several blossoms emerge from a single stem, creating a picturesque cluster. This grouping of blooms not only amplifies the visual impact but also intensifies the sweet and alluring fragrance that is characteristic of narcissus flowers.

Height: 40-45cm approx. Plant 10cm apart in a sunny position. Flowers February – March.  

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Narcissus Golden Dawn is a fragrant multi-headed daffodil ideal for growing in Ireland.Narcissus Golden Dawn x 150

Availability: Only 5 left in stock

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