Anemone Blanda Mix x 250


Mixed Spring Flowering Bulbs

250 x bulbs supplied.
Height 15cm approx.

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Anemone Blanda Mix

The Anemone Blanda Mix will create a delightful burst of vibrant hues to adorn your garden in spring! This mix features an enchanting assortment of colourful Anemone Blanda flowers that will effortlessly breathe life into your outdoor space. Each pack contains a splendid blend of delicate blossoms in various shades, including striking blues, radiant purples, soft pinks, and charming whites. As they bloom, these dainty flowers create a mesmerizing carpet of colours, transforming any garden or landscape into a picturesque scene. The Anemone Blanda, sometimes known as Grecian Windflowers, are low-maintenance and perfect for both seasoned gardeners and beginners alike.

These resilient beauties thrive in various soil conditions and will return year after year, rewarding you with their captivating display. Plant them in flowerbeds, rock gardens, or under deciduous trees, and watch as they add a touch of elegance and cheerfulness to your surroundings. Their enchanting colours will undoubtedly captivate your heart and become a favourite in your floral collection.

Height: 15cm approx. Plant 10 cm apart, in well-drained soil. Flowers March-April. 

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The Anemone Blanda Mix will create a delightful burst of vibrant colours to adorn your garden in spring. Perfect for growing in Ireland.Anemone Blanda Mix x 250

Availability: In stock

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