Mixed Spring Bulbs x 1000


Mixed Spring Bulbs x 1000

Consists of an assortment of x 1000 spring flowering bulbs.

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Mixed Spring Bulbs x 1000

Transform your garden into a vibrant and enchanting springtime oasis with our “Irish Spring Symphony” Mixed Spring Flowering Bulbs. Specially curated for the unique Irish climate, this delightful assortment of bulbs brings an explosion of colour, fragrance, and charm to your outdoor space. This assortment of Mixed Spring Bulbs x 1000 includes a diverse range of spring-flowering bulbs, each with its own distinctive charm. From cheerful daffodils to elegant tulips and fragrant hyacinths, your garden will be a captivating symphony of colours and shapes. With this super mix, you’ll be treated to an ever-changing display of colours and textures throughout the spring season. These bulbs will bloom at different times, creating a continuous spectacle of beauty.

These bulbs are chosen to thrive in the Irish climate, making them a reliable choice for local gardeners. They can withstand the variable weather conditions and emerge as resilient and stunning flowers year after year. Planting and caring for these bulbs is a breeze. Simply follow the included planting instructions, and they’ll reward you with breathtaking blooms without demanding extensive upkeep. Ideal for a small balcony, a spacious backyard, or a cosy cottage garden.

This mix includes bulbs of various heights, colours, and bloom shapes, allowing you to design a garden that reflects your personal style. These spring blooms will also provide essential nectar for pollinators like bees and butterflies, contributing to a thriving ecosystem.

This bulb mix will consist of: 150 x Tulip Darwin Hybriden Mix, 100 x Grape Hyacinth, 150 x Narcissus Trumpet, 150 Anemone de Caen, 150 x Allium, 100 x Crocus Barr’s Purple, 100 x Galanthus Woronowii, 100 x Bluebell

**Varieties may change, and we will supply substitutes depending on stock.

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This assortment of Mixed Spring Bulbs x 1000 includes a diverse range of spring-flowering bulbs, each with its own distinctive charm. Perfect for growing in Ireland.Mixed Spring Bulbs x 1000

Availability: In stock

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