Fire Tulips Mix


100 Tulip bulbs

Spring Flowering Bulbs in different shades of yellow, red and orange.

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Fire Tulips Mix

Introducing Clarenbridge Garden Centre’s “Fire Tulips Mix” – a scintillating burst of colour and elegance for your garden. At Clarenbridge, we believe in offering you “Something Different,” and this captivating tulip mix is no exception.

The Fire Tulips Mix is a carefully curated bundle of 100 vibrant tulip bulbs, featuring five distinct varieties to create a stunning tapestry of colours and heights in your garden.

1. Tulip Princess Irene: Standing at approximately 30cm, these tulips flaunt regal shades of orange and purple, adding a touch of aristocracy to your garden.

2. Tulip Hiker: Towering at 45-50cm, the Hiker variety boasts bold red and yellow blooms that will catch everyone’s eye.

3. Tulip Golden Apeldoorn: With a majestic height of 55cm, these golden tulips exude pure radiance, illuminating your garden with their warm, sunny glow.

4. Tulip Blushing Apeldoorn: At 50cm tall, these tulips sport delicate, blushing petals that lend an air of sophistication and grace to your garden.

5. Tulip Orange Princess: Standing at 35cm, the Orange Princess variety offers a burst of fiery orange to ignite your garden’s visual appeal.

With 25 units of each variety, our Fire Tulips Mix promises a stunning display of colours and heights, creating a dynamic and captivating garden scene that will leave your neighbours in awe. Transform your outdoor space into a vibrant, eye-catching oasis with Clarenbridge Garden Centre’s “Fire Tulips Mix” today!

Plant 15cm apart in a sunny position. Flowers in April-May. 

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Fire Tulips Mix

Availability: In stock

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