Tulip Princess Irene

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Spring Flowering Tulips

Height: 30cm approx.

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Tulip Princess Irene

Tulip Princess Irene is a beautiful and vibrant cultivar of tulip that stands out for its striking colours and elegant form. This tulip variety belongs to the Triumph tulip group, which is known for its sturdy stems and medium-sized flowers. ‘Princess Irene’ showcases a captivating combination of colours that make it a favourite among gardeners and flower enthusiasts.

The outer petals of ‘Princess Irene’ tulips are a rich and deep orange hue, often with fiery red undertones. As the petals transition towards the centre of the flower, they gradually shift to a warm, apricot colour, creating a captivating gradient effect. This colour combination gives the flowers a unique and eye-catching appearance that stands out in gardens, landscapes, and floral arrangements.

The blossoms of ‘Princess Irene’ tulips are typically cup-shaped and have a well-defined structure. The flowers sit atop sturdy stems that are able to support the weight of the blossoms without drooping. This makes ‘Princess Irene’ a great choice for both garden planting and cut flower arrangements.

‘Princess Irene’ tulips tend to bloom in mid to late spring, adding a splash of colour to gardens after the winter months. These tulips thrive in well-drained soil and require full to partial sunlight to achieve their best growth and vibrancy.

Height: 30cm approx. Plant 15cm apart in a sunny position. Flowers: April-May. 

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Tulip Princess Irene is a bright orange toned spring flowering tulip variety, and is ideal for growing in Ireland.Tulip Princess Irene
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